Tuesday, 04 January 2022

MMR Vaccination

Measles is in the news again. There have been serious outbreaks in Wales and England and the number of children catching measles is rising.

Measles is a highly infectious disease, spreading quickly from person to person, especially in schools. A child with measles will infect almost all unprotected children they have contact with.

Measles can be a very serious disease, leading to ear and chest infections, fits, diarrhoea, and damage to the brain. Measles can kill.


DON’T DELAY - get your child vaccinated

If you have any questions about MMR please do not hesitate to contact the Practice and speak with one of the practice nurses.

Information is also available on the NHS Choices website. www.nhs.uk

Public Health Leaflet - MMR Vaccine (Opens in a new window)