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Repeat Prescriptions

We request that you allow 48 hours (two working days) notice for your repeat prescription to be processed.

All prescription requests must be submitted in writing either by using the re-order tick box sheet provided with your last repeat prescription, by using one of our in-house order forms or by submitting the information by letter.  If you are enrolled with EMIS ACCESS you can also order your repeat medication by internet.

Requests for medication are not taken over the telephone as this method is prone to error and misinterpretation and is therefore clinically dangerous.

When ordering your medication, please only order what you actually require as  wasted medication costs the NHS millions each year.

Early Ordering:

If you require your prescription to prepared slightly earlier than usual, i.e. if you are going on holiday or it will fall due when the Practice is closed for a Bank Holiday, you can put your request in to the Practice seven days earlier, but please make sure you let us know why you are ordering early. 



Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) -

A system is in place to make it easier for you to pick up your repeat prescription. It is called the Electronic Prescription Service, or EPS for short. The Electronic Prescription Service is an NHS service that sends your prescription from GP surgery to Pharmacy without the need for a paper copy. Nominate a pharmacy of your choice and this pharmacy will receive your prescription directly from your GP, via the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). With EPS you will not have to visit your practice to pick up your paper prescription anymore. You will have more choice about where to get your medicines from because you can choose a pharmacy near to where you live, work or shop. EPS is reliable, secure and confidential. Your electronic prescription will only be seen by the same people in GP practices and pharmacies who see your paper prescription now.

If EPS is the better option for you, speak to your pharmacist or a member of the Practice Team.

Please note, that there are some medications that CANNOT be sent via the EPS route, such as medication classed as a 'controlled drug'.  Anything that cannot be transmitted using EPS, will stay in paper form and can be collected in person or by a nominated person i.e. a pharmacy.  The Practice is required to 'log' the handing out of controlled drugs, so whoever collects the paper prescription will be asked to sign for it using our in-house sign out pro-forma.